Please feel free to explore these pages dedicated to my background as a biologist, my scientific as well as personal interests and projects.

I'm interested in just every aspects of biological research, from oncology to cosmetology, but my favorites at the moment are cell death (apoptosis), thanatology (science of death!), mitochondria, evolution, biodiversity, philosophy and scientific journalism - in a transdisciplinary approach.

I am also using this website to share ideas and establish potential collaborations. Lastly, you will find other personal interests, such as the Collectif contre Dentexia. I created this group in 2016 in response to the way the low-cost dental chain Dentexia had been functioning and its consecutive bankruptcy, which left about 3000 victims aside.

Recently, I have created a webseries entitled "Hidden faces" aiming at bringing to light the human paths of  extraordinary personalities.


Abdel Aouacheria, PhD

"Let your own death be your advisor and live fully"

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